Come join us this Sunday for Mummy Day and lots of yummy treats made by RMC members!

Festivus Mummy Day Bakesale!
This Sunday December 7th the members of the RMC will be setting up a table in the Museum lobby to sell baked goods from 11am until we run out! Come by to enjoy Mummy Day (see event here: and grab a treat on your way in or out! Also, we are accepting any donations of baked goods, so if you are in the mood to bake on your Saturday night, sign up here:! Hope to see you all there!

Fall 2014 Tour Guide Training!

It’s once again time for the best part of the fall! The Redpath Museum and the Redpath Museum Club will be holding our biannual tour guide training session this upcoming Sunday, September 14th. Training will begin on the ground floor of the museum, and run from 9 am to 11 am.

Everyone will have an opportunity to try out a tour twice, so no need to compromise! Our tours this year include Early Life, Biodiversity, World Cultures, Mummies, Minerals, and Dinosaurs. You are more than welcome to invite friends who just want a tour, and anyone thinking of becoming involved.

Breakfast will be provided at no cost! Please come to the doors on the left side (Leacock side) of the museum at 9 to be let in (if no one answers, please call 438-821-7979 to be let in).

Hope to see you all there!

See You in the Fall!


Hello museum enthusiasts!

As the summer months are upon us, our website will take a brief sabbatical to enjoy the warm weather, and brush up on our tours! To all current and prospective members of the club, we will kick back into gear in September with tours and a training day – as the end of the break nears we will release more information on this, so keep an eye here and on our Facebook page!

Enjoy the rest of your summers, and if you visit any interesting museums on your break, let us know in the comments! And if you’ve got any questions or suggestions give us an email at


Jane Campbell

VP Communications

RMC (& friends) walks up Mt. Royal for Earth Hour!

On Saturday night, we had 66 visitors attend the lecture at the Museum and walk with us up Mt. Royal to see the skyline get a little darker for Earth Hour. While it was quite chilly with the wind blowing, we had some delicious hot chocolate to keep us warm, and towards the end, some other Earth Hour appreciators even played some music! For the most part, it was the large corporate buildings that turned all their lights off, and “Ohs!” and “Ahs!” could be heard all across the Belvedere when one ‘went out’.

Thank you to all of the staff, volunteers and helpers that made this night go off without a hitch! We had a great time, and hope you did too!

– Kathleen

PS: Note the little furry friend (raccoon) spotted at the Ravenscrag gates by one of our Exec members in the second photo!


ROCK STARS lecture and walk up Mt. Royal for Earth Hour!

Tonight the Redpath Museum Club and the McGill Students Astronomy Club are hosting an evening of geology and star gazing. The event starts in the Redpath Museum Auditorium at 7pm with an introduction to the fascinating science of the earth and the heavens! Following this (around 7:30pm), we will be walking up the mountain to the Belvedere to hopefully see some city lights go out for Earth Hour (8:30-9:30pm)! Hot chocolate will be served at the top, with mugs provided! 

Contribution at the door: $4 adult OR $2 student/child/senior, max. $10 per family.

Hope to see you there!


Pointe-à-Callière Trip!

This afternoon, me, myself, and I took a trip to Pointe-à-Callière, Montreal’s Museum of Archaeology and History. Located right by the water in Old Port, this very modern building had me wondering if I was in the right place. The interior was quite industrial, and had a sort of tomb-like feel to it. At 1:30pm, two huge metal doors behind the front desk screeched open and all the visitors were funnelled into the room beyond. The room held what at first glance was a movie theatre, except between the comfy seats and the screen was a pit with the foundations of old buildings, looking very much like an archaeological dig, down below.

Then the presentation began. The best way I could describe what followed is by likening it to a Cirque du Soleil show, except with no acrobats involved. Through our headphones we heard the cheerful voice of a woman who claimed to be “Montreal”, and she walked us through it’s (her) history, from before there was anything more than a few Iroquois long houses, to what we live in today. The visuals and audio were simply breathtaking, and I applaud the person(s) who put that show together. See the attached photos for some stills of what I saw.

After the 18 minute introduction was over, I was free to roam the museum. I went down into the archeological crypt, and was able to see how the exact plot of land I stood on changed over time. It was really like being down in a forgotten city, except it was in no way forgotten, and actually really well documented and researched! The exhibits were beautifully arranged, and there were a number interactive screens, headphones, and holes to peek into.

I even got to take a look at their Beatles in Montreal exhibit, which was EXTREMELY INTERESTING. It seems that the one and only time the Beatles came to play a show in Montreal, fans (especially young teenage girls) went absolutely crazy! Some of the first-hand accounts I read were unbelievable, with girls clawing at each other to get closer to the stage, and paramedics scouting the crowds.

The last thing I did was go up to the lookout on top of the main building of the museum. Fortunately for me the sun was shining brightly and I got some lovely shots of Old Port from a unique perspective! After exiting the museum, feeling full of new archeological and historical knowledge, I walked through the cobbled streets of Old Montreal with a greater appreciation of the ground beneath my feet.

– Kathleen

Behind the scenes at the Botanical Gardens!

This Friday the Redpath Museum Club was given the opportunity to have a complimentary visit and behind the scenes tour at the Montreal Jardin Botanique. We had a wonderful time with our very knowledgable guide, Marie-France, and experienced a little bit of summer in the midst of a long winter! Our tour took us through several climates and plant varieties, from the amazonian rainforest to the bonsai gardens of Japan. We even had a chance to drop by the temporary butterfly exhibit at the gardens (held until April), where our group vied to have a butterfly land on outstretched hands. The tour then took us to the working side of the gardens, giving us a unique opportunity to see what it takes to run an oasis in a Canadian winter (plenty of gloves and good music, apparently). We would like to thank Marie-France and the Jardins for a wonderful trip, and hope to make this an annual event!

– Jane

Come to the Redpath Museum this weekend to purchase and nibble on some baked goods lovingly made by the RMC Executive!

Come to the Redpath Museum this weekend for a chance to nibble on baked goods made lovingly by the RMC Executive!

This Sunday, March 16th, the Redpath Museum Club will be stationed in the lobby of the Redpath Museum selling delicious baked treats to raise funds for the club! If you didn’t already have a reason to come see our wonderful exhibits, you have one now! We will be serving from 11am until we sell out (fingers crossed)! Hope to see you there.

Nuit Blanche at the Redpath Museum

Nuit Blanche at the Redpath Museum

It turns out that it is hard to take a good photo in the Museum with all the lights out! Regardless, you can feel the magic! We want to give a huge thank you to all the volunteers and all those who came out to spend a bit of time with our RMC guides. We had almost 1800 visitors come out and brave the cold to see our exhibits by flashlight, and could not be happier about that turn out.