2015 Interim Exec Board


President: Kaiti

Hey all, I’m Kaiti, I’m a U4 History and Anthropology student. This is now my second year being involved with RMC, as I was the former VP External! I’m hoping to have a bunch of awesome events for us this semester, so we can all get to know each other and get super involved with the museum and other museums around campus! Come along to our events and say hi. It’ll be fun, I promise.


Vice President: Jane

Hey! I’m Jane, U3 Anthropology major and history nerd, and I will be the interim Vice President, formerly the VP of Communications for the club. This is my second year with RMC, and I am excited to meet some fellow museum enthusiasts on campus! I look forward to a great year of giving tours to the museum-ing public, and hope to get the word out about our wonderful club!

VP Internal: Anthony

Hello! I am Anthony, your VP Internal. I am a U2 Anthropology student taking the Redpath Museum’s very own Natural History program. To me, museums provide a highly nostalgic experience. Zoology has always been my passion, and being a part of both McGill and the Redpath Museum Club has allowed me to return to my childhood interests and apply them in real life. During my time at McGill I have worked to maintain a close association with the Redpath Museum. I have logged hours and hours of volunteering in the depths of the museum’s vaults identifying and accessioning fish specimens into the collection. In Winter 2014 I took part in an Undergraduate Research Project that designed a teaching exhibit on antelope diversity for the museum, the fruit of our labour coming into realisation with the construction of the exhibit on December 15 of the same year. Museum curatorship is certainly a career I would like to pursue, as I love the combination of both science and creativity that it encompasses. I therefore hope to further my experience and involvement with museum work during my time on the Redpath Museum Club Exec Board.


VP Communications: Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah, your former president turned Communications commander! I’m a U3 student studying Sustainability and Geology with a little bit of Paleontology on the side. Over the past two years I’ve been involved in the museum not just through the RMC but as part of Hans Larsson’s lab, collecting fossils during summer fieldwork and prepping them (and lurking) in the basement.

VP External/ Events: Julien

Hey! I’m Julian, and I’ll be the interim VP External for the next little while. I’m a U3 Anthropology major with a couple minors in History and Classics. I’m really excited to be involved with a club like the RMC promoting one of the coolest spots on campus. I can’t wait to be spending more time around the museum so come by let’s be friends!

VP Finance: Marie-Claire

Hello! My name is Marie-Claire and I am the VP Finance for the Club this year. I’m a U3 student in Environment with a Minor in Geography. I have been part of the Club for four years now. I am the Wolf Lady of the biodiversity exhibit on the second floor which I call home most of the time. I have been involved with research projects with professors at the Redpath Museum. If you have been to the museum on weekdays, you may have found me on a ladder repairing the anaconda skeleton or repairing the taxidermined animals. I hope to see you soon in the Redpath Museum.


Journal Editor: Gabriel

Hello, I’m Gabriel and I’m a U1 student who studies History and Political Science. I’m excited to be involved with the RMC and Redpath Museum as a whole. I had signed up for the club in my first year, but only started giving tours last semester. I’m one of the editors for the Redpath Journal this year and I’m anxious to get started on this year’s edition. My hobbies include: reading, petting my cat, and playing super smash bros melee for the nintendo gamecube. I’m excited to meet those of you that come to our events!



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