RMC Elections!

Dear RMC members,

Our Redpath Museum Club elections will be held on Sunday November 27th, at the Redpath Museum, at 1pm.

This is when our new execs will be elected for the 2012 year. Their term will start January 1st, and end the end of next December (therefore you have to be sticking around next year/not graduating yet, as we’ll need you around next year!).

If you are interested in getting more involved with the club, there are a number of great positions to choose from! Below are the different positions and the responsibilities each one entails-

President- responsible for organizing general meetings, facilitating exec meetings, organizing Nuit Blanche Flashlight Tours and the January and September Training Sessions, responsible for the mass listservs, supervising the RMC Research Journal and other projects.

Vice President- supervising the tour guides (making sure there are enough volunteering each Sunday, sending out weekly reminder emails, emailing volunteers when we have an upcoming events we need help with), helping the President with organizing the Training Sessions and the Flashlight tours.

VP Communications- update the facebook page, update the blog, input new emails into the contacts, focus on making club members and McGill students aware about our events

VP Events- act as representative of the club to the McGill Community while organizing monthly events like trips to local museums, walking tours of neighborhoods in Montreal, lecture series, trips to Ottawa or the botanical gardens, book club etc.

Finance Manager/Secretary- organize bake sale/samosa sales, take meeting notes

RMC Research Journal Editor- in charge of getting essays submitted, and putting together the journal with InDesign

We have extended the date that we need the nominations by – Midnight on Friday November 25th. All we need is a quick email from you telling us which position you are interested in. That Sunday, you will have a chance to give a 5 minute speech about why you would like to be elected for for your position.

Also, if you are not ready to run for a position, please feel free to come to the elections anyways to vote for your pick! We’ll be letting you know about possible ideas for the winter, and brainstorm with you about things you’d like to see!

Best Wishes,



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