Photo Contest!

As you may be aware, RMC has been working on putting together a Research Journal over the past year. It’s almost completed and ready to be sent to the printers! All we need now are some photos to accompany the images. 

So we’re going to open this up to you guys! A list of the photographs we need are below. Send us your best photos of the below objects or places, and your photo might be published in the Journal! Make sure that it’s a good quality photo, keep in mind that it will be printed in black and white and it also must be portrait (rather than landscape!).

We will be accepting photo submissions until Thursday, September 30th. The arty-er, or the more creative, the better!

Either send them along to or add a photo to our Facebook page –

-The Birds in the Redpath Museum Collection (specifically either the Loggerhead Shrike, the Passenger Pigeon, or the Carolina Parakeet)
-The Arts Building
-Allan Memorial Institute (located above University St, it used to be called Ravenscrag – make this one spooky if possible!)
-The Joggins Fossils on the 2nd floor of Redpath
-An awesome picture of the Gorilla on the staircase in the Redpath Museum
-James McGill’s Grave (in front of the Arts Building)
-A spooky shot of the Law Library
-A spooky shot of the McLennan stacks (the bookcases, the ghostlier the better)
-A shot of McTavish’s Tomb on Mont Royal (across from the McIntyre Medical Building)


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