March 26th, Trip to the MMFA’s “The Warrior Emperor and China’s Teracotta Army”

Once upon a time,  a rambunctious (and not very modest) young Chinese emperor ordered the construction of an army of terracotta people to guard his would-be mausoleum. Over two millennia later, some of these terracotta soldiers decided to take a walk, and ended up at our own Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts!

Come join the Redpath Museum Club Saturday, March 26th as we venture out to visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Art‘s new exhibit “The Warrior Emperor and China’s Terracotta Army.” The exhibit features a large array of artifacts from both the Qin and Han dynasties, and is sure to be a treat for all. Tickets will be $10 admission per person (though, there may be an added discount for you wonderful volunteers). Please RSVP by emailing back, as further information regarding the trip will be sent out closer to the 26th. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to partake in a truly unique cultural and historical experience!

Have a good one!

Jared Ditkowsky
VP External of Redpath Museum Club


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