Recap and Training Session – this Sunday, January 30th

Re-cap and Training Session this Sunday, January 30th

This Sunday is our re-cap session for all of you who may have been trained a year ago, or maybe just back in September and have forgotten/would like to refresh your knowledge of the tours! It’s also for all you lovely new volunteers who have never given a tour before, and want to know what we do as a club, and how you can get involved.

Meet us at the Side Door (the door on the side of the Museum that is closest to MacTavish) of the Redpath Museum at 9:30am. The museum is closed in the morning, so we’ll have the whole museum to ourselves! There will be morning snacks (baked by the wonderful exec team!) and hopefully some coffee as well to wake you up! (It will most likely be over by 12!)

Please RSVP to if you are coming to the Training Session this Sunday by sending us an email with “RSVP Training Session” in the title. Also, please specify if you are a new volunteer or if you are a returning volunteer. Any returning volunteers who know the tours well and want to help out are also encouraged to come (please send us an email and we’ll definitely need you!!!)


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