Rare Books Tours!

Rare Books Tour
Mark this on your calendar —
Friday, March 18 at 1pm, in the seminar room of the Rare Books Department (the 4th floor of McLennan Library, you buzz your id card by the door to get in), the curator of the Rare Books collection Dr. Virr will be showing us some of the most interesting pieces in the Rare Books Collection!

This collection contains medieval manuscripts, Babylonian and Assyrian tablets, accounts written by Samuel de Champlain, first edition copies of really old books – and much much more! This is a great place to go to get primary resources for your essays, and it is so much better to go with a group for the first time and figure out how everything works, rather trying to figure it all out by yourself! And if you’ve already been, you know how beautiful this part of the library is, and chances are, you’ll get to see some artifacts you’ve never seen before!

If you are interested and available on Friday, March 18th at 1pm, please RSVP by sending an email to us with Rare Books Tour in the subject line (we need to know numbers!). See you there!


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