Elections are here

Election Nominations

Want to get more involved in the Club? Do you have great ideas for upcoming events, or group activities? Want to become part of the 2011 RMC executive?

This year’s election will be held at the end of November. You have until Saturday November 20th to nominate yourself for one of the positions below. The date of the vote will be announced at this time (so we can make sure to find a meeting time when all the nominees are able to attend). You must be a McGill student to run for an executive position in RMC, as well as to be able to vote in an election.

The positions you can nominate yourself for are listed below! Due to some confusion with the constitution, I have put the available positions below with summaries of what kind of work you will be doing in this position. So please NOMINATE YOURSELF for any position that interests you!

President – write out the listserves, coordinate club meetings, making sure there are volunteers each Sunday, responds to club emails, oversee all aspects of the clubs, producing training materials

Vice President – t-shirt coordinator, managing the member list, responding to emails, helping with getting volunteers for each Sunday, managing the finances

VP Internal – Book Club coordinator (picking the book and planning meetings), responsible for other events within the club, promoting group activities and participation

VP External – Planning Group Activities (i.e. hikes, movie nights, museum crawls etc.), responsible for promoting the club’s image within the McGill community

Secretary – responsible for booking rooms for meetings, taking minutes, also aiding with answering club emails
Note: Many of these positions are fluid, so once we have our council elected, we will discuss what we are doing for next year and figure then who is doing what.


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