Guest Lecturer: Matt Stimson

When: Wednesday, October 27th from 3pm-5pm

Where: Redpath Museum Auditorium

Who: Matt Stimson, a PhD student who will give us a talk on Joggins and Hylonomus!

What: In the late 1800’s, William Dawson and Charles Lyell discovered what could be the most important find at Joggins (fossil cliffs at the new UNESCO World Heritage Site on Nova Scotia’s north-west coast) – the skeleton of a small lizard-like animal called Hylonomus lyelli, which was the world’s first known amniote and the missing link between amphibians and reptiles. Dawson described it and the type specimen of this critter is in the Redpath Museum collections, with the label written by Dawson’s assistant (who wrote the labels for the birds in the third floor cabinets). The holotype of Hylonomous lyeii was kept in the Redpath collections for a long time, but it’s now in the Natural History Museum in London.

Joggins and the Redpath Museum have an intricate link. Our own William Dawson was a pioneer paleontologist there – in fact, the Redpath was partially build to house the specimens he’s collected at Joggins. Matt Stimson is a PhD student visiting from the Nova Scotian Fossil Cliffs who be giving a talk about Joggins and Hylonomous as well as the connection to McGill!

Please RSVP for this event by sending an email to


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