Book Club – Choose your favourite book!

Hey Everyone!

Above are the choices for this term’s Book Club! We will be having bi-monthly meetings (every other month) where we meet and talk about the books over food – and it will usually be after our club meetings! Please click on each PDF to see it enlarged, read through the description, and once you know which book you want to read most, put it into the poll below! The Poll ends the night of our next Club Meeting (which will be sometime in October, date TBA).

If you have any questions, please email and ask us!


4 thoughts on “Book Club – Choose your favourite book!

  1. Hi,

    I would really like to recommend Flatland as I had heard about it a while back and it is a good book to grasp the limits of what we can or cannot conceive. We have a limited understanding of the world around us because we have evolved to master only what is essential for our survival. It’s fascinating to try to understand just a little more and see how it is counterintuitive to us, just as it is for the flatlander to conceive a third dimension !

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