Summer 2010

Hey Everyone!

Interesting  Redpath Museum Historical Fact of the Day: Did you know, all the original labels for the exhibits in the museum were hand-written by a man during the turn of the century, and his payment for creating the labels was to be able to live in the basement of Redpath Museum?

This is a shout-out to all current and prospective members of the club. We are currently on hiatus during the summer months, but we will kick the club into gear in September with a large training event to remember. We will give you more information about this event as it approaches so just keep an eye out for updates.

We will need the help from our incredible returning volunteers who did such a great job last year. You guys will help us to train all the new volunteers that arrive this September after Activities Night (we also need some of you for Activities Night volunteering as well!).

Also, we have a lot of new and exciting events to look forward to this upcoming term. There is the Open House and Homecoming Weekend, and for both of these days we will need a lot of volunteers, as well something quite new this year – Flashlight tours in the Fall?! More information about this will come as well so get excited and ready to be part of our awesome team!

Not to mention, we will also be starting us our Book Club, as well as our awesome Group Events (like climbing mountains, going on museum expeditions, and much more!).

So enjoy the rest of your summers! And if you’ve got any questions or suggestions give us an email!


Isabel Luce
RMC President

2 thoughts on “Summer 2010

  1. Would it be possible for club members to meet up off campus in a coffee shop and discuss interesting ideas for events ? I would really be interested in meeting face to face with others who would also like to contribute to fun events within the museum. Let me know !

    • Hey John!
      That’s a great idea! If you want to come to our Training session next Sunday (refer to our latest post for more information about it) we will have a period when we can talk about ideas of upcoming events to do with our group! But I’m definitely interested in your Coffee-shop idea – though depending on the numbers of people interested, we may have to find a large coffee shop! lol
      Best Wishes,

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